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Expo 2030 Rome, presented in Paris the candidacy “unrivalled”

expo 2030

A beautiful morning at Aqueduct Park, Italy - credits Expo 2030 Rome

You will have to wait until November 2023 to know the winner of Expo 2030

( – The Promotion Committee of Expo 2030 Rome flew to Paris to hand over to the Secretary General of the BIE (Bureau International des Expositions) Dimitri Kerkentzes the application dossier of the capital of Italy for the Universal Exhibition of 2030.

Rome, is the only capital of the European Union to apply for Expo 2030 and does so with a dossier of 618 pages and 21 chapters that have as key points Regeneration, Inclusion and Innovation.

The project was presented by Giampiero Massolo, the Chairman of the Committee, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) Manlio Di Stefano and the Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri. But the support for the project came also from President Mattarella who entrusted his thoughts to the letter of presentation of the dossier defining the Universal Expositions as a tool “for sharing ideas, projects, experiences and resources. [… ]Far from building a simple showcase for the country that has the honor of hosting them”. This is the sentiment that animates the dossier for Expo Roma 2030, transforming the capital from the “cradle of civilization” to the cradle of urban innovation.

Rome will compete with the cities of Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Busan (South Korea) and Odessa (Ukraine), using the indispensable support of an international working team including Ian Philion, Richard Burdett, Carlo Ratti, Italo Rota, Michele Costabile, Christian Iaione and Alessandro Mancini, just to name a few, who collaborated with the Roman Universities and local and national institutions, under the guidance of Arch. Matteo Gatto, former Chief architect and Director of the Visitor Experience of Expo Milano2015.

The national pavilions and the rebirth of the Vele di Calatrava

Ecosistem 0.0 – credits Expo 2030 Rome

The exhibition site chosen is Tor Vergata, starting first of all from the completion and redevelopment of one of the most famous architectural archaeological sites: the Vele of Santiago Calatrava. The project will be handled by Carlo Ratti, Creative Consultant for the strategic vision of Expo 2030 Rome and author of the Italian Pavilion for the Expo in Dubai. But the exposure will go far beyond, extending throughout the city. From the Fori Imperiali, where the Teaser Pavilion will rise, the entrance portal to Expo 2030 Rome, through a green path along the Appia Antica to the site of Tor Vergata. The other national pavilions that will characterize the event will be:

The largest solar park

To be able to host an event of this magnitude, it is essential to provide sustainability strategies that can feed with clean energy at all stages of development. Rome, if it were chosen, will do so with the largest Solar Park Expo. A photovoltaic area of about 150 thousand square meters and a peak production capacity of 36 Mwp, power the event, but that offers above all an opportunity to decarbonize the district of Tor Vergata and the south-east quadrant of the capital.
Today is a very important day for our city”, said Mayor Roberto Gualtieri, “we have delivered a very detailed project that I do not think can have rivals from the point of view of quality and vision. Expo 2030 is an extraordinary opportunity for growth for the whole country and Rome, as our dossier shows, is the ideal city to link past and future, history and innovation and offer a new vision inspired by the values of peace, justice, and sustainability”.

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