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Here is BE-W[2.0], the only charging wall box that “talks” with the new smart meters

Scame Parre’s BE-W[2.0] Series inaugurates the Chain 2 protocol

(sustainabilityenvironment.com) – The Italian market of charging devices for electric cars is growing. According to the latest census of ARERA today there are more than 220 models produced by 24 companies nationwide, covering a wide range of needs: from home wall boxes with a single socket and two-socket road columns and power within 50 kW, up to the large charging station installations along motorways and suburban roads (data updated to 2021).

An offer increasingly attentive to the needs of e-mobilty Italian, on which stands out Scame Parre, manufacturer of components and systems for electrical systems in low voltage in civil, tertiary and industrial. With 60 years of activity behind it, the company is now one of the reference points for charging solutions and not only at national level. Thanks to continuous research and the desire to innovate to raise industry standards. It is therefore not surprising to know that Scame Parre is the first company to bring to the market the wall box that “speaks” to the second generation smart meters.

We talk about the BE-W[2.0] Series for AC (AC) charging of electric vehicles, evolution of the previous BE-W with which it shares the high performance in terms of safety and functionality. In addition, however, it offers an essential requirement in view of the new model of energy measurement of the electrical system: the BE-W[2.0] Series devices are the first on the market to have the Chain 2 protocol to communicate with the innovative 2G meters. And thus create an increasingly smart ecosystem.

Smart charging, Italian experimentation and 2G meters

Intelligent charging of electric vehicles is a requirement for both the electrical system and users. At the national level the first steps in this direction were made with the experimental initiative launched by ARERA and managed by the GSE. In detail, the project, started in July 2021, provides that until 31 December 2023 it is possible to increase free of charge the power of private users to 6 kW to recharge electric vehicles at night, Sundays and holidays, without additional costs for the increase.

The goal, explains the same GSE, is to optimize energy management by exploiting the potential offered by smart meters and the most advanced charging devices, “that is able to adjust the charging speed on the basis of commands provided by external actors or automatically”.

On the measurement front, the most efficient model is represented by Open Meter (2G), devices designed to replace traditional digital meters. These devices have a new connection channel that activates direct communication between the meter and the user, generating immediately usable data to improve consumption management. It is the Chain 2, channel that operates on powerline, allowing the data collected by the counter to reach the user’s home automation systems almost in real time. In this way it is possible to have full control of the energy consumed within your home, but also of that possibly produced with a residential solar system. Essential communication even for home and business car charging devices, provided of course they are designed for this function.

Wall Box BE-W[2.0], the ultimate expression of innovation

BE-W[2.0] is the first series of wall boxes to adopt a Chain 2 protocol, reaching the market. The device makes smart features its hallmarks. In addition to being able to communicate with 2G meters, is able to manage the Dynamic Power Management functionality without the use of an external energy meter. This allows to minimize the impact of the intervention on the system with a considerable time saving in connection and programming operations.

The series offers three functional versions to meet different needs: LITE, for independent applications with free or controlled access, intended for a purely domestic use; BUSINESS that, compared to the first, offers the possibility to operate as a satellite in the orbit of a Master station; PRO for multi-station applications as a Master station.

In the LITE versions, the Scame e-mobility app allows you to manage the charging station in an easy and intuitive way. Through the application, in fact, it is possible to authenticate users without needing an identification card, monitor in real time “the electric full” of the car, program the reloads and get a timely report of the activities carried out always available for download.

Not only. Through the app Scame e-mobility users can choose between 3 advanced modes of operation of Dynamic Power Management – FULL, ECOSMART and ECOPLUS – deciding whether to recharge the car exclusively with the energy produced by the domestic photovoltaic system (if any). And thus allowing the user to always privilege the most convenient energy source.

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