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Heat wave in UK: Britain launches “amber” alert

Last month was the driest July since 1935 for the UK

(Sustainabilityenvironment.com) – Since Thursday in the United Kingdom there is an alert “Amber” for the heat wave that will affect much of the southern half of England and parts of Wales, extending to Scotland and Northern Ireland. Issuing the alarm is the Met Office, the country’s weather service, and expects temperatures to rise to 35-36 ºC, with repercussions on health, transport and water infrastructure.

A situation that comes just a few weeks away from the extreme temperatures, reached in July to close to 40.3 ºC, with a heat wave in the UK considered impossible until then.

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The culprit remains the high pressure and the incredible drought that the water companies are facing since winter and spring. According to the Met Office, July 2022 has been the driest since 1935 for England. The repercussions are easy to imagine. Increased ease of fire propagation and water restrictions to reduce water demand. Many water supply companies in the country have already run for cover, imposing a ban on the use of “hoses” to water the garden, fill swimming pools or wash cars.

Peter Jenkins, Director of Communications at Water UK, said: “Water companies are already managing the unprecedented effects of the driest winter and spring since the 1970s and, with warmer and drier weather forecasts, It is crucial to be even more aware of our water usage to minimize peak demand and make sure there is enough of it”.

But this time to cope with the UK heat wave, announced similar measures also Thames Water, one of the largest water supply companies in the country, which has 15 million customers. In the meantime, citizens are being asked to do their utmost to reduce consumption and waste.

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