1 day ago

    Emissions financed: Banks in the G7 countries pollute as much as 7 Italy

    Lack of transparency, indicators not suitable to evaluate the processes of decarbonisation and the climate…
    Tech innovations and Startups
    2 days ago

    New foods: hybrid rice enriched with animal proteins is tested

    Hybrid rice enriched with animal proteins is the latest innovation in nutrition. A product that…
    Tech innovations and Startups
    3 days ago

    Convert CO2 with renewable energy storage systems

    Two prototypes of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory combine CO2 capture with energy storage. By…
    3 days ago

    Record for global carbon markets: USD 104 billion in 2023

    There are now 75 operating instruments that charge a price for CO2 emissions worldwide. In…
    Scientific Reports
    3 days ago

    World Biodiversity Day 2024 celebrated today

    UN agencies and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) put at the heart of the…
    4 days ago

    Thwaites glacier “breath” anticipates its irreversible melting

    One study contests the models used so far to assess the progressive melting of the…
    5 days ago

    Reform of the Electricity Market, the coming news

    With the last formal approval, that of the EU Council, the new rules on the…
    Environmental policies
    5 days ago

    The Franco-German locomotive starts again from hydrogen and geothermal

    France and Germany prepare for "peace" after years of divergent views on the direction of…
    5 days ago

    3D printing with recyclable resin soon possible

    According to the experiment conducted by the University of Birmingham, 3D printing with recyclable resin…
    Tech innovations and Startups
    5 days ago

    Zinc and lignin battery, stable for 8000 cycles

    A new polymer salt electrolyte succeeds in increasing the performance of zinc-lignin batteries, providing cyclic…
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