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USA: 118mln to accelerate production of sustainable biofuels

Objective: To create a national bioenergy supply chain

(sustainabilityenvironment.com) – “Biofuels are a versatile tool because they have the immediate potential to power our ships, trains, aircraft and heavy vehicles […] with a significantly reduced carbon footprint“. With these words the Secretary of Energy of the United States Jennifer M. Granholm yesterday announced the new government funding for sustainable biofuels. 118 million dollars in all that will be divided between for 17 projects of universities and private companies. The goal is simple to accelerate domestic production of biofuels and bio-products from local resources, including agricultural waste and animal fat. The destination? The North American market.

The investments of the DOEadded Granholm – will help build a national bioenergy supply chain capable of increasing America’s energy independence, create jobs and accelerate the adoption of cleaner fuels for our transport needs”. The projects selected include pre-pilot, pilot and demonstration initiatives dedicated to sustainable biofuels. They range from the production of biofuel for aircraft based on algae and monomers of polyurethane, to biodiesel synthesized from ligneocellulosic waste; from the development of integrated biorefineries to new solutions for the reduction of bioethanol emissions from first generation maize.

Each project will have to be strongly integrated into the territory, as explained by the same department in a press release. “By investing in these technologies, projects will create well-paid jobs in rural and disadvantaged communities in nine states. The selected plans show the intention to collaborate with local school districts to educate and train tomorrow’s bioenergy workforce”. The funds allocated yesterday are in addition to the more than 500 million dollars that the DOE has invested in research and development of bioenergy and biorefinery in the last two years.

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