The US earmarks 192 million for battery recycling

Biden’s strategy to boost American industry also includes battery recycling

(sustainabilityenvironment.com) – Almost two hundred million euros for the recycling of batteries from consumer electronics. The US Administration, through the Department of Energy (DEO), put them on the plate. The funding is linked to the nearly $3 billion announced in 2021 in connection with the federal law on infrastructure support.

The increase in recycling in the battery sector is seen as an important key to the technological transition that will live, for example, mobility. Demand for electric vehicles and energy storage will increase the lithium battery market by up to 10 times by 2030, according to DOE estimates. Therefore it becomes essential to invest in the circular economy, with a view to supporting a national supply chain “safe, resilient and circular for critical raw materials”.

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The areas covered by this new round of funding, amounting to 192 million, are different. For example, the development and implementation of education and awareness-raising campaigns to increase consumer participation in battery recycling programmes. Initiatives to improve the economy of recycling of accumulators contained in consumer electronics will also be allowed. Furthermore, the program funds projects to support states and local governments in the creation or improvement of battery collection, recycling and reconditioning programs. There are also funds to help retailers implement battery collection, sorting, storage and transportation programs. Finally, $60 million will go to initiatives bringing together electric vehicle manufacturers, universities, laboratories, mineral suppliers and other battery components to advance research and development.

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