Saipem launches Bluenzyme, CO2 capture solutions “Plag&Play”

A new line of solutions for enzymatic CO2 capture

(sustainabilityenvironment.com) – CCS (carbon capture and storage) technologies become flexible, modular and ready to use. Credit to Saipem who launched this morning an innovative line of pre-engineered solutions for CO2 capture. Let’s talk about BluenzymeTM, a “plug-and-play” system for carbon sequestration, based on proprietary technology “CO2 Solutions by SAIPEM“.

What is it about? Of a process that employs enzymes and heat at a lower temperature than traditional amino processes, to sequester carbon dioxide from post-combustion fumes. In detail, the technology exploits the action of a solvent – non-toxic and non-volatile – containing carbonic anhydrase. The latter is a powerful catalyst capable of speeding up the conversion of carbon dioxide and water into carbon acid, protons and bicarbonate ions.

BluenzymeTM, how it works

The BluenzymeTM line has been developed to include “CO2 Solutions by SAIPEM” in modular CCS systems for different industrial sectors. From hydrocarbons to energy production through cement production and more generally for the segments defined as “hard-to-abate”, or difficult to decarbonise. Compact and flexible, the CO2 capture modules are manufactured off-site, with standardized production processes and rigorous quality controls, and then installed in situ, thus reducing project execution time, costs and risks

The first product in the range to reach the market is BluenzymeTM 200, a package already engineered and aimed at small and medium emitters. The solution allows 200 tons of carbon dioxide per day to be seized from industrial fumes. “We are proud to offer our customers the BluenzymeTM 200 solution – comments Fabrizio Botta, Chief Commercial Officer of Saipem – an already engineered product, based on proprietary technology, rthe esult of our constant commitment to research and development of increasingly flexible, efficient and sustainable solutions. BluenzymeTM 200 represents a concrete solution to enable companies to achieve their ESG goals and move closer to the goal of a carbon-free future that Saipem is committed to achieving”.

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