London also wanted his The Sphere, but Sadiq Khan said no

Populous team signs project for The Sphere in Stratford, London

(sustainabilityenvironment.com) – Sadiq Khan says no to the “sphere”. And fortunately, we could add. This is how The Sphere project for Stratford, east of London, stops, avoiding the construction of what was expected to be a 90-meter high Sphere destined to accommodate 21,500 people.

After the inauguration of her twin in Las Vegas with the concert of the band U2, the promoters of the multimedia sphere in London hoped to have succeeded, however, what is suitable for a city like Las Vegas, could hardly be the case for the British metropolis. The reason for the refusal by the British Prime Minister is mainly the “unacceptable” light pollution that The Sphere would have had on local residents of the town of Stratford.

The Digital Light Sphere for a new type of communication

The proposal for its construction dates back to 2018 and another municipal administration; the idea was to build a location for musical events and it also served as a giant digital billboard.

The Sphere offers 360-degree vision, allowing the viewer to literally enter the atmosphere with a sometimes psychedelic effect.

The charm of the “bright” construction is indisputable, to sign the design are also the professionals of Populous, a famous team for the design of places for entertainment and sports. But for the more than 3,000 petitioners opposed to the construction of The Sphere, the mistake was mainly in choosing the place where the Sphere would rise, too residential and populated.

As early as last March, the London Sphere project was stopped with the promoters’ request for more details. Now the announcement by Mayor Sadiq Khan puts a final point to the question: The Sphere of London will not happen.

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