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Switchblade: The first hybrid flying car (and folding) successfully tested

A three-wheeled two-seater homologated for the road and for the air. Here is what the hybrid flying car of the (near) future will look like

A year after being declared eligible to fly and 14 years after its first announcement, the Samson Sky Switchblade officially took off. This road-approved three-wheeler transforms into a 320 km/h aircraft at the touch of a button. In practice, a flying car hybrid, travels up to 200 km/h on the road with folded wings and tail. In flight mode, however, it can reach an altitude of 400 meters. The range in flight is declared to be 805 km. The vehicle flies thanks to a hybrid engine, with a 125-liter fuel tank.

At Grant Country International Airport in Moses Lake, Washington, the Switchblade took off yesterday for a first flight, reaching an altitude of 150 m and turning on itself to land about six minutes later.

Samson says that we have already received 2,300 bookings from 57 different countries for the aircraft. The price at which it is proposed today is 170 thousand dollars. High enough to cut out a large slice of dreamers, but not too high to not have a market. On the contrary.

Its three-wheeled design allows it to be classified as a motorcycle in many jurisdictions, greatly simplifying the registration process. It will be sold as an experimental plane to be self-built. Those who order it, will receive at home the pieces to assemble it independently. The company promises the opening of Builder Assist Center where it will mount its aircraft in a week, with the appropriate tools and expert supervision.

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The transition from car mode to airplane is not particularly fast. it will take about three minutes for the tail to extend and the wings to come out from under the frame. To take off, you also need some space: at least 335 meters of free asphalt. This will not be allowed on the street, so “commuting” will have to take place at the airport. Despite these limitations, it remains a hybrid flying car that you can park in the garage when it reaches the market.

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