Carbon Manager: how to guide companies towards sustainability

Respecting the environment is convenient for companies

The Carbon Manager is a new professional figure that will become increasingly valuable for companies that want to embark on the one-way journey towards sustainability.

Already because once you have started this path you should not go back, but above all you do not want to go back because it will benefit not only the environment but also companies.

Who is the Carbon Manager

At the end of the day, respecting the environment is convenient for companies. As a study by the Politecnico di Milano states, an increase in the degree of global warming can lead to a decrease in turnover of 5.8% per year for companies.

The Carbon Manager is a professional figure that was born to accompany companies in the transition to sustainability: measure their carbon footprint, create a virtuous process of reducing emissions, evaluate effective compensation solutions, obtain the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) rating, and prepare a sustainability report.

These are actions that make the company competitive in the market and that consumers observe with increasing attention.

A specific training course

Forever Bambù proves once again its drive for innovation with the creation of a training course for Carbon Managers: 55 modules divided into over 12 hours.

Not being sustainable today also means struggling to access credit and reduce the chances of being among the suppliers of large or international companies.

That’s why among the most requested skills for the coming decades, those that allow companies to become fully green and ESG-compliant are among the most requested and needed. But they are figures in pride, not formed and often improvised.

The Carbon Manager is a complete professional thanks to our course and his profile will be included in an official list to protect this profession. Italy also shows in this a great foresight and anticipation of the times» explains Emanuele Rissone, founder and president of Forever Bamboo.

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