European Green deal: three tenders for the New European Bauhaus

The New European Bauhaus combines design and economy to contribute to the Green Deal

(Sustainabilityenvironment.com) – The local communities are at the heart of the three new calls launched by the EU Commission within the New European Bauhaus for the green deal plan. The aim is to turn the European project into a reality on the ground, establishing the idea between citizens and municipalities.

The New European Bauhaus is an economic, environmental and cultural project that aims to combine design, sustainability, economy, accessibility and investment to contribute to the European Green Deal Scheme. Launched by President von der Leyen in 2020, it is now a consolidated reality.

To maximize citizens’ involvement in the ecological transition, the European Commission has launched three new calls related to the new European Bauhaus.

The three calls in the new European Bauhaus

The first two calls focus on activities involving citizens in the co-creation of public spaces and were launched by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

The call “Citizen Engagement Call” (Citizen Engagement) invites citizens to identify challenges inherent in the New European Bauhaus for their cities. And to actively collaborate to find solutions. More sustainable habits, innovative products, services and ad hoc solutions are all potential projects.

The second call “co-creation of Public Space” (Co-creation of public spaces) also by EIT, will support projects aimed at the social spaces of cities. Local actors are called to redesign the urban fabric with a view to sustainability, beauty and innovation.

The deadline to apply for the two calls of the European Institute of Innovation will expire on 29 May 2022.

Citizens are the main drivers of the transition to more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive lifestyles and places. The two calls published by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology support their full commitment to developing innovative and collaborative models for local initiatives by offering them ad hoc opportunities. The new European Bauhaus is made by every citizen, for every citizen.”

The third and final call, “Support to New European Bauhaus Local Initiatives” directly concerns small municipalities. Small and medium-sized companies that do not have the capacity or skills to make NEB projects a reality. Twenty conceptual projects scattered throughout the territory selected by the call, will be led by a team of interdisciplinary experts. The deadline for applications, in this case, is 23 May 2022.

Create a toolbox for everyone

Beyond the winners, the project will allow to the creation of an instrument aimed at other municipalities and the general public interested in developing similar initiatives. The European Regional Development Fund of Green Deal shall finance technical, regulatory and methodological assistance.

Elisa Ferreira, Commissioner for Cohesion and Reform, said: “Cohesion policy is ideally placed to help municipalities in urban centers of up to 100,000 inhabitants develop projects in the new European Bauhaus involving local communities. With this first call dedicated to the NEB within the framework of cohesion policy we offer the necessary technical capacity for multidisciplinary and high-value projects that bring sustainability, aesthetics and inclusivity to the local population, hoping to inspire, in the future, many other such projects.

In addition, the winners of the New European Bauhaus Awards 2022 will be announced in June.

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