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Which cities are best equipped for electric cars?

92% of public car columns in Glasgow offer free charging for electric cars

(Sustainabilityenvironment.com) – How well are European cities prepared for mobility? And what urban reality offers a better “service” to owners of electric cars? Uswitch, a British company specializing in price comparison, answers these questions today with a new study. The company has developed a rating index with which to identify the best cities in Europe for electric vehicle owners. In detail, the measure assesses a number of key aspects of e-mobility, such as: the number of free charging points, average energy prices, the average power of the chargers and distance between the columns. And according to these, he gives a score from one to 10 for urban engagement.

Uswitch experts have used the index on 33 famous European cities including Turin, Rome and Milan, to identify the best equipped to accommodate cars with the plug. The result? With a score of 7.94, Reykjavik was ranked first. The Icelandic capital has earned its place thanks to an average distance between charging stations particularly low (0.55 km) and the presence of 65% freeloaders. They follow Glasgow, where the free columns are as much as 92% of the total, and Lisbon which has the lowest price per kWh in Europe (0.17 €/kWh).

Even Italy can not earn a place in the top ten. In this case the most “e-mobility friendly” appears in Milan, with a score of 6.36 out of 10 and the shortest average distance between charging points (1.03 km) in Italy. Much lower, however, the positioning of Turin and Rome.

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