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Norway: 30GW of offshore wind to 2040 to become a renewable superpower

Norway applies for future offshore wind exporter

(Sustainabilityenvironment.com) – Within 18 years, the turbines at sea will increase from 2 to 1,500. This is Norway’s plan to become the new renewable superpower of Europe thanks to offshore wind. This was announced a few days ago by Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr, presenting a large-scale investment plan.
Our ambition is to allocate by 2040 marine areas for 30,000 MW of offshore wind capacity […] this would almost double our energy production”. In addition, the aim is to export a significant part of the electricity generated by the wind to other European countries. That’s why calls will also count network solutions like interconnectors.

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Currently, the country does not have offshore wind farms on a commercial scale. But the Government has already identified the first major areas of development: Utsira North and Sơrlige Nordsjơ II.
In addition, the first auction is being prepared for a 1.5 GW floating park in one of these areas for next year. The work will continue expanding the mapping of marine areas and simplifying the authorization procedures for offshore wind turbines, in view of a new race for 2025. With the promise to involve the fishing industry, local communities and other important users of maritime space in the allocation of areas.

We must be quick, but also wise,” said Norwegian Oil and Energy Minister Terje Aasland. “Our ambition corresponds to a volume of power that is on par with the entire Norwegian electricity system. Therefore, we must do it step by step, to learn along the way. We want to preserve what is Norway’s most important advantage in the energy sector: a safe and efficient diet, delicately developed in interaction with fisheries and other important interests”.

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