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In the ’70s, the best estimates of global warming were made by Exxon. But in public he always denied them

The American major predicted the global warming curve extremely accurately

(sustainabilityenvironment.com) – Not only was Exxon aware of global warming at least since the 1970s (but probably also 20 years earlier). His predictions were also incredibly accurate: the global warming curve of the future -that is, our present- was incredibly accurate and corresponds very closely to the global average temperature rise that actually occurred. But, despite that, the oil company continued to ignore climate change, has hidden its data and attempted to curb the development of mitigation policies.

The best estimates on global warming are made by Exxon

What is global warming? That the American company knew, was known since 2015, when the company’s internal documents with global warming forecasts emerged for the first time. A new study appeared in Science adds piece: it analyzes those predictions and finds that they are really accurate. This strengthens the pressure on Exxon and removes any excuse: she has always been aware of the scale and intensity of the effects of her business on the Planet. So far, even in very recent years, it has been entrenched behind the claim that the role of fossils in contributing to global warming would still uncertain.

“Our findings show that in private and academic circles, since the late 1970s and early 1980s, ExxonMobil has predicted global warming correctly and skillfully,” explains the authors of the research. “We found that 63 to 83 percent of the climate projections reported by ExxonMobil scientists were accurate in predicting the next global warming. The average heating expected by ExxonMobil has been 0,20° ± 0,04°C per decade, which is, within the uncertainty limits, the same as the independent academic and government projections published between 1970 and 2007″.

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Not only. Exxon’s analysis was -rightly- countercurrent in a period, 50 years ago, when one of the common opinions was that it was going towards a new ice age due to the increase of aerosols in the atmosphere and the cyclic shifts of the Earth’s orbit (climate science, even then, based on data, predicted global warming, not global cooling). Exxon also estimated that global warming was essentially caused by man and had also calculated the remaining carbon budget to contain the temperature below 2 ºC of heating compared to the pre-industrial age.

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