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Farewell to gas boilers by 2029: for NGOs and environmentalists is still late

80% of domestic energy consumption in Europe today comes from space and water heating

The European Commission does not stop and continues towards the farewell to gas boilers from 2029. In reality, the stop will involve all heating systems with an energy efficiency threshold below 115%, a limit within which hybrid boilers could also fall as hypothesized by the associations of the plant sector. While the Ecolabel and Ecodesign regulation n. 813/2013 partially contradicts the innovations introduced for the near future by the European Case Green Directive, on the other hand gathers the consent of many NGOs and environmental associations that have long wanted the ban on fossil fuel plants.

On 27 April, the Consultation Forum on the revision of the Ecodesign Regulation was held, highlighting the first divisions between member countries that will have another 8 weeks to present their criticism of the text.

Stop fossil fuel boilers from 2025

Among those in favour of the revision are the non-governmental organisations of Ecos (Environmental Cooperation on standards), the European Environment Office (EEB) and the associations of heat pump manufacturers (European heath pump association). Ecos and Eeb with the Coolproducts campaign have long called for a ban on less efficient heating systems, considering the farewell to gas boilers as the only possible way to “achieve climate neutrality by 2050”. To discriminate the saleable plants from those ready to stop will be the threshold of efficiency.

By increasing the energy efficiency threshold for heating appliances to 115%, Europe could end the sale of new “autonomous” fossil fuel boilers, as these would no longer meet the new energy efficiency requirements”, commented the spokespersons of Ecos. “The forthcoming ecodesign and energy label rules cannot continue to allow another generation of gas boilers to be installed in the EU, perpetuating our dependence on Russian gas and other foreign powers for decades to come. Efficient and renewable technologies are the only economically and environmentally viable way“, adds Davide Sabbadin, Deputy Policy Manager for Climate – European Environmental Bureau (EEB).

However, for the two European non-governmental organisations, the farewell to gas boilers by 2029 is too far off. “In order for Europe to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, fossil fuel boilers should cease to be installed as close as possible to 2025,” the two NGOs point out. “Waiting until 2029 means wasting precious time to ensure a carbon neutral future for Europe”.

Reducing energy consumption and dependence on Russian gas

The revision of the Ecodesign Regulation continues the path taken by the EU Commission with the REPowerEu plan. According to experts from the Coolproducts campaign, 80% of domestic energy consumption in Europe today comes from space heating and water. If, by 2025, new gas or oil heaters with a rated output of up to 400 kW were to be phased out, the EU would benefit from an annual reduction in emissions of 110 million tonnes of CO2 by 2050. It also unblocked a massive reduction in gas for Europe.

Not all Member States have commented on the revision of the Ecolabel and Ecodesign Regulation. Among the opponents for the moment there is Italy, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Czech Republic and some associations of European manufacturers and manufacturers such as European builders Confederation, European heating industry, Marcogaz, Eurogas, Eurofuel.

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