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5 ways to reuse solar panels at the end of life

From the campsite to the dog’s kennel, to the home furnishings, reusing solar panels is practical and useful

Is your solar system coming to the end of life? There are at least 5 ways to reuse photovoltaic panels in a creative way. The Anglo-Saxons call it upcycling, and allows you to extend the life of an object that has reached the goal in terms of its main use. A solar panel can last even more than twenty years, but for those who have installed them in unsuspecting times it is already time to replace them.

Take your panels to camp

For camping lovers, putting a panel in the trunk or on the roof of the car can guarantee energy to power the electronic devices to bring in the tent. Going off grid will be easier if you can read a book in the middle of the night or charge the battery of a phone.

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Solar energy for your motorhome

Are motorhome trips your passion? Then you know that a little extra energy never hurts. You may have to stay away from equipped pitches, and it is here that reusing the photovoltaic panels of the house will seem like a blessing.

A roof for your 4-legged friend

Being thick and water repellent, solar panels can become a good roof for your dog’s kennel. the material of the modules will ensure a good weathering for four-legged friends.

Insulation for green houses

How do you see a solar coat? For those who have a good number of panels, you can use them to create walls and insulation systems. Few people think about it, but they can become a cheap and useful building material to make the house even more ecological.

Solar furniture

Solar panels can be converted into a range of different furniture, especially tables or shelves of various types. They can also become borders for small fences or homemade chicken coops for those living in the countryside.

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