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A Chinese company extends battery life to 1000 km

The new battery life record is combined with a quick exchange system instead of charging

In just four months, a 150 kWh electric car battery will enter production in China, guaranteeing over 1000 km without recharging. It happens in Shanghai, where the company Nio previews the landing on the market next April. This would be a new step in increasing the autonomy of lithium batteries. Performance also outperforms competition from internal combustion engines, because no private car tank reaches such heights.

The battery was tested on the ET7, an electric car produced by Nio. The CEO of the Chinese company, William Li, led the ET7 for 1044 km. It took 14 hours, streaming live throughout the trip. The car left Zhejiang Province yesterday and ended its journey to Fujian Province. The crossing was carried out at an average speed of 84 km/h.

The company says that in another test, the battery was allowed to reach even 1145 km. But little changes. According to Nio, the test shows that “this is the battery pack with the highest energy density in the world and has excellent safety performance“. The charging approach is designed to optimize time. Instead of plugging the car in, the Chinese car manufacturer opted for a battery exchange system.

The system designed by Nio allows you to replace a low battery with a fully charged battery in less than three minutes. About as long as it takes to refuel in an internal combustion car. Customers can buy a vehicle without a battery and then pay a monthly subscription to use the accumulators of the Nio network. The formula is convenient, for the moment, because the purchase price of the battery alone is around 38 thousand euros. With the same amount you buy a well-made electric car, that’s why Nio’s proposal has privileged the rental of the service. To date, there are 2 thousand Nio battery exchange stations worldwide.

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