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Anod Hybrid, the hybrid bicycle that combines supercapacitor and mini battery

Available from spring (but already pre-ordered), the Anod Hybrid hybrid bicycle will cost 3500 euros

How to lighten a pedal-assist bike and at the same time offer a range comparable to those that mount heavy battery packs? The answer can be found in the Anod Hybrid, a new hybrid bicycle model marketed by the French company Anod, which combines a supercapacitor and a pocket battery.

This is not the first time that innovative ideas have come from France to overcome the problem of autonomy and handling of electric bikes. We recently told how another company in France had launched a model of pedal assist bike based on two supercapacitors instead of the classic rechargeable battery. The weak point was in the thrust duration that these can guarantee on particular slopes. The energy stored in a supercapacitor in the sections of elevation gain or regenerative braking is little. It can support pedaling in the slope change for a certain distance, but it runs out.

If this may not be a big problem for urban use – making the necessary distinction between cities – for the circuits at high altitudes is a limit. The Anod Hybrid pedal-assisted bike, on the other hand, is a model that calls itself “hybrid” because it has a motor in the rear hub, driven both by the supercapacitor integrated in the oblique tube and by a mini pocket battery. This system extends the range of the vehicle up to 70 km.

Cyclists can use the bike only with the supercapacitor, or add the 80 Wh removable lithium battery pack. The battery weighs 650 grams and recharges in just one hour via a USB cable. If you want, it also works as a power bank for mobile devices. The aluminum frame guarantees a total weight of 20 kg.

In the spring of this year, the Anod Hybrid will be on the market, with a starting price of 3500 euros. All standard components (saddle, wheels, brakes…) can be changed with parts not necessarily produced by the parent company.

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