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Here comes the first electric snowboard to ski even flat

The Chinese company has launched in pre-order an electric snowboard that costs about 2500 euros

– Snow in our mountains there is less and less, but the interest of skiers has not dropped. Only from today, cross-country skiing can also be done on the table. This is the promise of Cyrusher, a Chinese company that launched the first electric snowboard to ski even flat or uphill.

The board, available online, has a wooden core, and a motor of 3 thousand watts of power and reaches a top speed of almost 50 km/ h. If so far the electric snowboard segment had not achieved a design and usability at the height, Cyrusher may have taken a step ahead of the competition. His board is called Ripple, it’s 156 cm long and it’s covered with fiberglass and carbon. A little short, more experienced snowboarders will think. However, the company promises that a “passenger” weighing up to 113 kg can easily get on. The recommended height for using the Cyrusher Ripple is between 60 and 90 meters.

The slightly concave base should give the board more grip and control. To push the board is a snow wheel placed on the back, driven by the electric motor, and cushioned. The system can be adjusted to raise or lower the wheel so that users can set it according to weight, preferences, and driving conditions.

A 12.6 Ah Molicel battery, resistant to low temperatures, guarantees a range between 15 and 20 km. More than enough for a day in the mountains. It also has good portability, as it can be carried in the backpack.

As often happens, these toys come at a price. And Cyrusher’s starts at $2,500 for the board with a single battery pack. For those who want more, with $ 3,300 you access the package consisting of a snowboard, bindings and two battery packs. For this winter it is impossible to have delivery. But you can pre-order and the first shipments are scheduled by January 1.

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