From Norway the first ship to methanol for the offshore wind

January 26 of this year will be remembered as a historic day for international maritime transport. As promised, the Danish colossus Maersk has christened Ane Mærsk, the first great porta-container to the world fed to methyl alcohol, part of a future fleet of 18 twin ships. And less than a month after the event, another owner is ready to associate his name with this fuel with a new world premiere. We speak of the Norwegian Eidesvik Offshore which has announced the realization of the first ship to methanol for the offshore wind industry.

Methanol for maritime transport

In recent years, methanol (or methyl alcohol) has attracted much attention as an alternative fuel for maritime transport. Although it is a toxic and flammable compound, it is less dangerous to the environment than many alternatives, as it can dissolve in water and biodegrade rapidly. It also boasts lower SOx and NOx emissions than diesel combustion and, in its green and synthetic version, produced from green hydrogen and CO2, also has a much lower carbon footprint.

To give a shock to the segment has been in 2020 the adoption of the provisional lines guides of the IMO for the ships that use methyl or ethyl alcohol-like fuel (MSC.1/Circ.1621). And today progressively increasing the demand for dual-fuel engines with the ability to be converted to methanol during the life of the ship. According to industry studies by 2025, methanol-powered engines will be available from all manufacturers.

The first methanol vessel for wind power

For the company, it is a natural road having been the first owner to promote the adoption of LNG technology and batteries on boats for the offshore sector. With its latest addition to the fleet, the company hopes to push the boundaries even further. The ship, a unit of support to the construction of wind infrastructures in the sea, will be realized in collaboration with the shipowner Agals and will be owned by the joint venture created by the two societies (with Eidesvik that will maintain a majority quota of 50.1%). It will be equipped with a hybrid battery system along with dual-fuel generators capable of operating with both methanol and marine diesel.

This new asset aligns perfectly with our strategy, which is based on sustainable shipping solutions and long-term partnerships with our customers,” says Gitte Gard Talmo, CEO and President of Eidesvik Offshore. “The versatile boat is designed to meet the needs of both the oil and gas industry and the offshore wind industry. This flexibility increases our capabilities and competitiveness in the future energy mix“. The construction will happen in the shipyard Sefine in Turkey with delivery at the beginning of 2026.

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