Iberdrola aims at 100% recycling of solar panels

After the wind turbines is the turn of the photovoltaic modules. Iberdrola is ready to further expand the sights of circular economy by renewing the collaboration with FCC Ámbito. It is these days, in fact, the announcement of the signing of a strategic collaboration agreement between the subsidiary of FCC Servicios Medio Ambiente and the Spanish multinational, through its program PERSEO Venture Builder. The goal? The energy company wants to take the first steps to aim for a 100% recycling of solar panels.

Álvaro Portellano, Head of PERSEO Venture Builder, explains “Iberdrola intends to recycle all the components of its structures. We see recycling not as a challenge but as an opportunity. Therefore, we consider this new collaboration as a valuable opportunity to contribute to the circularity of the new elements of the energy transition, and expands the scope of our alliance with FCC Ámbito, which already successfully tackles the recycling of wind turbines through EnergyLoop“.

Towards 100% solar panel recycling

Unlike what is happening with wind farms, photovoltaic systems still have many years of operation ahead of them. But the company wants to be ready for when the useful life of its solar systems will come to an end. Taking as a reference asset the industrial treatment plant of photovoltaic modules, just inaugurated by FCC Ámbito h in Cadrete (Zaragoza)the two partners will test and monitor the application of new treatment technologies that could be developed in the short or medium term. Improving the industrial recycling capacity of solar panels.

In addition, challenging the complete circularity of the different components, they will study the possibility of reusing the materials obtained in the treatment processes as secondary raw materials in the manufacture of new solar panels. To this end, they will also evaluate possible synergies with companies owned by Iberdrola, through Perseo, in activities such as the production of fv or the recycling of metals.

Another aspect included in the agreement is the study of calls for tenders for European or national public aid that could be launched to promote photovoltaic recycling.

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