America’s tallest skyscraper will rise in Oklahoma City and will be tornado-proof

The project signed by the AO Architects team has already received the green light from the City Planning Commission

You’ll be surprised to learn that America’s tallest skyscraper that’s coming up is going to be built in Oklahoma City. The US state has recently declared a state of emergency, due to the tornadoes that have struck the country causing damage, injuries and unfortunately deaths. But the Legends Tower, the future supertall of Oklahoma City does not fear anything and, after a first approval by the City Planning Commission, has even decided to raise the spire of the tower to 581 meters (1907 feet).

At first, the project signed by the architects of the Californian studio AO, was expected to reach 533 meters, but a few weeks after the initial announcement, the developer Matteson aimed higher by adding about 50 meters to the top of the tower.

The first criticism: will it resist tornadoes?

Obviously the first question that the Planning Commission has addressed to the promoters of the project concerns the resistance of the tower to possible tornadoes that often involve the city. The answer came directly from Rob Budetti, partner of AO Architects: “It will probably be one of the safest places to stay”, underlining the careful design reserved for the resistance of walls and windows to strong winds.

The criticism was not long in coming, pointing the finger even on the height of the future tallest skyscraper in America for a city like Oklahoma City where housing density is very low. However, the project has received the green light and construction will start next autumn.

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The tallest skyscraper in America already has all the funding

Mattson also pointed out that the construction of the skyscraper along with three other smaller towers, has already been entirely financed with a sum close to 1.6 billion dollars, creating the complex that will be called “Boardwalk at Bricktown“. If completed the skyscraper will be the tallest in America, surpassing the One World Trade Center and the Willis Tower in Chicago, reaching the fifth position among the skyscrapers around the world.

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