Electricity prices in European markets continue to rise

The AleaSoft Energy Forecasting Weekly Update

Still a plus sign for electricity prices in European markets. In the fourth week of April, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, the Iberian Peninsula and Great Britain recorded increases which, in some exceptional cases, exceeded 100%. However, negative prices also occurred in many markets for a few hours, in particular on Sunday 28 April.

Electricity prices in European markets

The data belong to the weekly analysis of AleaSoft Energy Forecasting that investigates, slowly in hand, the “trend” of the continental electricity system. It thus emerges that last week the average weekly electricity prices in European markets exceeded 60 euros the MWh. With a peak in Italy. The Belpaese stands out as always with the highest average: 102.58 euro MWh. To find the second highest average you have to “slip” up to 86.36 euro the MWh of the British market N2EX.

Two major exceptions: the Spanish and Portuguese markets, which we recall interrupted in December 2023 by the so-called “Iberian derogation“. The MIBEL market had the lowest average prices of the week with an average of 25.16 euro/MWh and 25.57 euro/MWh respectively for Portugal and Spain, continuing the same trend started at the beginning of the year.

The solar record of Spain

In the week of April 22, the two markets were noticed thanks to a new historical record of daily photovoltaic production. In Portugal the goal was crossed on 23 April, with a production of 18 GWh generated, then passing the baton to Spain. On 24 April, the country released 174 GWh of photovoltaics. But the sunny days were felt on almost all European countries. And the German market recorded the largest increase in photovoltaic production (+35%).

AleaSoft Energy Forecasting forecasts indicate that electricity prices in most of the European markets analysed could fall in the first week of May, influenced by the drop in demand. And that wind generation could increase in markets like Germany or Italy.

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