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The atmospheric water generator transforms the humidity of the air into mineralised drinking water

To improve the quality of tap water are increasingly spreading filtering systems, special pitchers or – worse – bottled water. But someone is planning an innovative option: a new atmospheric water generator.

The startup DrinkingMaker has designed a device that transforms the humidity of the air into drinking water. It works like a dehumidifier, but it purifies the extracted water and makes it usable for human consumption. It is called “Atmospheric Water Dispenser” (AWD) and is as big as an espresso machine. Filter moisture with a six-stage system, which removes contaminants. Subsequently, the water is purified with UV light, reaching a purification rate of 99.9%.

AWD filter cartridges are easy to install and remove, promise manufacturers. In addition, DrinkingMaker plans to sell cartridges that enrich the water with minerals, so as to drink something that is not really water for irons. A built-in chiller will eventually produce ice water in two minutes.

The AWD has broken through its roof for the Indiegogo fundraiser and imagine sending the first atmospheric water generators next September. The AWD will be available in two models. The “Primary Edition” will produce up to 14 liters of water per day, while the “Pro Edition” will produce up to 19 liters. A solar panel that can be purchased in addition allows you to use the AWD even in camping, collecting drinking water from areas where the air is better.

To be honest, it is not the first atmospheric water generator that comes on the market. But it could be the least expensive. The price for the basic version is 329 dollars, while the “pro” model will be sold at 339.

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