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New renewable plants in Italy: 9GW requests but lack materials

the minister to the Italian Ecological Transition supplies the last data on the ERF section in sight of the passage of witness

(Sustainabilityenvironment.com) – The demand for new renewable plants in Italy is growing and the developers are ready to seize the opportunity, taking advantage of the new government simplifications and the “favorable” conditions of the electricity market. If it weren’t for a problem: bottlenecks in the supply chain start to make themselves felt. This was also recalled yesterday by the Minister for Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani, presenting at a press conference the Gas Plan and the energy situation of the Belpaese.

The data on the whole flatten positive but for now, those related to fer remain largely still on paper. According to number one of Minister, requests for connection of new renewable plants, relating to the last 7 months until 30 June this year have reached about 9 GW. “But I point out – underlines Cingolani – that it is not possible to install them all in a year due to lack of panels and raw materials. The bottleneck has become the fact that we do not have the material available from China. This is an addiction that we will have to deal with in the future, as for batteries”.

New renewable plants in Italy, between RES 2 and simplifications

Despite this, the trend appears positive, especially when compared to 2021 when new renewable plants in Italy had added only 1.36 GW of additions. And in 2020 the number was even lower. “This is an unprecedented acceleration which gives hope – if we continue at this rate – for decarbonisation. Every time we install 8 GW of plants are 2-2.5 m3 of gas that can be saved”.

For the Minister, the coming months will even see a further increase in demand thanks to the new regulatory measures planned. “With the FER 2 measure, currently under consideration in the Unified Conference, between biogas, synthetic fuels, and geothermal could have a further acceleration of renewable generation”. Not only that. “We are going to liberalize on roofs up to 200 kW [of photovoltaic] for private use, up to 10 MW for businesses“. “We must continue this way and keep faith with the program that takes 70-80 GW in the next 8-9 years, and that essentially leads us to double the offer of green energy”, concluded Cingolani. “I hope that those who come after will do even more”.

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