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Here is the Hotel Hyundai, the hotel powered by an electric car

The hotel is powered by the Vehicle-to-Load function of IONIQ 5

(sustainabilityenvironment.com) – Test the new intelligent communication technologies of electric cars to offer a new holiday experience. This is the aim of the original Hotel Hyundai, a small off-grid accommodation company in the woods of Essex, England. Born as a sort of showcase project for the innovation of the Korean automaker, the Hyundai Hotel has opened its doors these days to the first customers and showed its uniqueness: It is powered only by IONIQ 5 electric cars. It must be said that the hotel is rather small, being composed of a single suite, a bar/ restaurant, a mini café and a cinema, and that will be open only for 14 nights (until November 5). But beyond the experience and experiment, the use of cars has a precise goal: to show the steps forward of the IONIQ 5, Hyundai’s 100% electric crossover, awarded at the World Car Awards 2022 as the car of the year.

Hotel Hyundai, a sustainable experiment

The Hotel Hyundai, explains the company in a press release, was launched following research commissioned by the same car manufacturer in England that took over as almost half (46%) In choosing a holiday accommodation, the respondents believe that sustainability and the environment are now more important to them than they were five years ago.

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The project was curated by journalist and food critic Grace Dent, who also selected the menu offered, all strictly “sustainable” and locally sourced. “We look for unique and memorable stays now more than ever, and this is a fascinating blend of innovation, luxury and comfort that makes you think,” explains Dent. “With the energy provided by the car, who knows where else the Hyundai Hotel might turn up. I hope this three-week pop-up hotel is just the beginning of a new car concept that fuels a luxury experience like this”.

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