General Motors: to produce cars? Renewable energy only

Only renewable energy to produce General Motors cars in the United States. This is not a promise but a commitment that has already been made through the signing of a series of supply agreements. The Detroit-based automaker announced today in a press release that by 2025 it will have ensured enough clean energy to power all of its US facilities. The sales agreements have already been signed with the owners of 16 wind and photovoltaic plants in 10 states of the country.

For GM, this is an acceleration compared to the company decarbonization plan already presented. The strategy originally envisaged reaching the target for renewables in 2050. “We believe it is critical for ourselves, our customers and the future of the planet to step up our efforts and achieve ambitious goals that bring us closer to a more sustainable world,says Kristen Siemen, GM’s Sustainability Manager. “Ensuring the renewable energy we need to reach our target demonstrates tangible progress in reducing our emissions in all aspects of our business, finally bringing us closer to our vision of a zero CO2 future”.

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Not just clean energy. The strategy of General Motors is working at the same time to reduce consumption by improving energy efficiency and to create a medium and long-term storage technology that guarantees the security of supply.
General Motors has been a pioneer in sourcing clean energy for manufacturing facilities for over a decade,” said Miranda Ballentine, CEO of the Clean Energy Buyers Association, of which the car body is a founding member. “But even more impressive was GM’s commitment to sharing their knowledge and leading other companies that want to follow their lead. In a world of high competition, this community orientation is really wonderful“.

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